Support for In-House Creative & Proposal Groups

Support for in-house Creative & Proposal Departments
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LiveWire provides INSTANT support services anytime you need them.

Rush, priority, weekend, overnight, and tight deadline projects are not a problem with LiveWire on your team. No need to plan ahead or schedule, we are available on-demand to assist with your projects day or night.

We have particular expertise in the support of aerospace, technology, and manufacturing firms. Plus we understand the unique requirements of defense, space and security contractors.LiveWire Creative Services

CREATIVE   Marketing — Presentations — Print Graphics — Scenarios — Design
MANUFACTURE   Signs — Displays — Wall Coverings — Exhibits — Framing
TECHNICAL   Proposals — Manuals — Technical Documentation — Illustration

By partnering with LiveWire your creative services and proposal support groups are able to staff for optimal efficiency. This means you’re able to set staffing levels at a point that allows your crews to maintain maximum utilization and minimal downtime.

Then during heavy workload spikes, your crew simply utilizes LiveWire as an instant and flexible extension to the team. As a result, your department overtime and overhead costs are dramatically reduced while improving overall customer satisfaction.

LiveWire is a valuable addition to all in-house support plans. Even for groups that have access to a temporary labor pool, utilizing LiveWire offers many advantages.

Instant Support — No requirement to plan ahead for staffing shortages
Zero Footprint — No need to allocate expensive office space for temp labor
Equipment Allocation — No need to maintain equipment and software for temp labor
Facility Access — No need to hassle with temp labor access to your facility
Training — No time consuming training of temp labor crews
Consistent Crews — No frustrations with availability of familiar personnel
Lower Cost — No downtime, no overstaffing, no overhead

We understand a relationship with a temp labor agency may be useful in some situations but LiveWire should always be considered as part of your comprehensive support solution.

At LiveWire, our performance is measured against your expectations for quality, price, and schedule through on-going feedback surveys. Our focus is on lowering your costs while providing exceptional on-demand creative and technical production services and 100% customer satisfaction.

We can help, call us today:  714 777-7850

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LiveWire is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) located in a Federal HUBZone.