Testimonials Continued

Maps were awesome! Made my meeting go well.
— Jim, Jimmy the Plumber

Just want you to know—THESE LOOK GREAT. I appreciate your hard work on helping us meet our goal toward something corporate-looking, serious-minded and yet approachable and readable. You’re obviously a master at your craft and we feel very good about what you’ve done here. Thanks so much.
— Mary, Northrop Grumman

Thanks again for the excellent, timely, and within budget work.
— Bob, SAIC

Please pass along our thanks to your team for their excellent support during our end-of-year panic. Your obvious familiarity with similar programs and situations was a real plus.
— James, The Boeing Co

My customer loves the design. Looks like we have the go ahead for the rest of the layout on the book. Great Work Everybody!
— Toni, The Boeing Company

You and your LiveWire Team deserve high praise for the quality of work you accomplished in the preparation and production of this book. My special thanks to all of you.
— William, Northrop Grumman

LiveWire, Your volume really went smoothly compared to the rest of them. Thanks again for your outstanding support. I really appreciate it!!
— Jim, The Boeing Company

I just have to tell you how heroic your crew has been during this proposal. We capped everything off with a 24-hour shift ending a few minutes ago. Everyone at LiveWire was stellar for us on this effort. I can’t thank you guys enough. Now cross your fingers.
— John, Northrop Grumman

Thanks again LiveWire!
Subject: Navy-UCAS Program Announcement
On behalf of the Navy UCAS Program Director and the Deputy Program Director, Congratulations to the Team Members for a Job Well Done. WE WON!!!

— Mark, Northrop Grumman

I want to thank each of you at LiveWire for your terrific support this past weekend. Without your help and excellent quality we never would have pulled this off.
— Elizabeth, The Boeing Co

The beauty of your operation is not only do you provide an innovative product, but your creative staff works in the middle of the night. I’m amazed that I can send you a project during the day and by the next morning I’ve got something beautiful.
— Bill, Northrop Grumman

Nice job on the Air Force Association brief, as always! Senior guy who will be giving the brief is very happy with it.
— James, Northrop Grumman

That display you guys created in Palmdale was spectacular! It set a new standard for such displays. Hundreds of people saw it at the CDR, and I stood there and listened to them talking about how awesome it was. JR told me it got rave reviews from the bigwigs at Northrop too. Awesome Job!
— JP, Northrop Grumman

I want to thank each of you for your terrific support this past weekend. This proposal effort was scoped at 350 pages and it turned out to be 1367 pages. Without your participation (and the excellent quality) we never would have pulled this off. Thank you for your hard work, careful attention, and long hours.
— Liz, The Boeing Company